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The value of Company valuation to the future of your business

Do you have an accurate image of your company’s ongoing value and expectation for future growth? In this cycle of financial mistrust, it is very important to know the true value of your business, for a array of reasons. For example, if you are looking to sell, access external finance, or purchase another company, an accurate valuation is essential, since buyers and finance providers will likely have different ideas to yours on how much your business is aid.


Even if you think your profitability and future expectation are looking good, a academic valuation is much necessary to provide assistance for investors and stakeholders. It will also give you the confidence to plan for the future, and later track the capability of your strategic decisions.

Certification In Financial_Modelling_Coures_by_IB_Institute

“Boost the wealth of a company’s investors and stakeholders is much a key driver in decision-making for management teams”, says Manoj Kumar facilitator of the Investment Banking Institute’s Financial Modelling & Company Valuation – measuring business cost. “Understanding how to value a business can lead to an acknowledgement of where value lies and how it can be protected and increased.”

Manoj Kumar a strong background in finance and banking, and now teaches internationally at leading investment banks, consultancies, legal and investment firms.

Financial Modelling courses are designed to help business owners, accountants and finance professionals make long-term decisions that will finally crop superior financial performance and generate market-leading reaction, thus increasing the value of the business.


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