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The value of Company valuation to the future of your business

Do you have an accurate image of your company’s ongoing value and expectation for future growth? In this cycle of financial mistrust, it is very important to know the true value of your business, for a array of reasons. For example, if you are looking to sell, access external finance, or purchase another company, an accurate valuation is essential, since buyers and finance providers will likely have different ideas to yours on how much your business is aid.


Even if you think your profitability and future expectation are looking good, a academic valuation is much necessary to provide assistance for investors and stakeholders. It will also give you the confidence to plan for the future, and later track the capability of your strategic decisions.

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“Boost the wealth of a company’s investors and stakeholders is much a key driver in decision-making for management teams”, says Manoj Kumar facilitator of the Investment Banking Institute’s Financial Modelling & Company Valuation – measuring business cost. “Understanding how to value a business can lead to an acknowledgement of where value lies and how it can be protected and increased.”

Manoj Kumar a strong background in finance and banking, and now teaches internationally at leading investment banks, consultancies, legal and investment firms.

Financial Modelling courses are designed to help business owners, accountants and finance professionals make long-term decisions that will finally crop superior financial performance and generate market-leading reaction, thus increasing the value of the business.

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Financial Modelling Courses, Financial Modelling Institute, IB Institute, Investment Banking Courses

Financial Modeling Training Institute In Delhi

There are various institutes that offer financial modeling training in Delhi. However, these are some of the best:

IB Institute :-

The highlights are:

Offers a short term 3 months course. The final certification is provided by IB Institute India.
Hands on experience of real life financial models covering more than 6 sectors. Tutor Capstone Project adds to your experience.
Excel based training in project finance and modeling for project finance.
You additional certifications in Macros, Mergers & Acquisition- Investment banking and SQL after clearing the NSE exam. The training for the same is conducted online and provided free of cost.
No preceding knowledge of accounts, finance or excel is required and you get access to online and offline study material, recorded videos, test series and other assistance.

Financial Modelling Institute :-

Program highlights:

Students should have former experience with excel and finance, balance sheets and cash flow models. Thus, the institute assumes that you have prior knowledge of the domains.
The training is for 14 days. This is, however, a very short time to cover the various subjects and skill sets that are comprised in financial modeling.
Topic wise study material is provided in the form of presentations.
The course is certified by  

However, since the certification is not exam oriented, it loses its shine a bit.
14 days online recordings are provided for all the topics

Career In financial Modelling, Financial Modelling Courses

Career In financial Modelling

In a global economy that is ever-growing, you want to know how to be on top and be one step forward of others. If  you really want, you will find that having knowledge about Financial Modeling will help boost your career in Finance Modelling in unbelievable ways. Instead of waiting for the boss to show you what to do and how to do it, Financial Modeling experts blow the ground running and achieve much more.


Because today’s economy is charge with uncertainty, you would want to learn the skills, concepts and tools required to gain an end in today’s ultra-competitive job market. Financial Modeling will also allow you to gain an edge when making a career or industry change. Financial Models can be used not only in the Finance industry but across a plenty of industries.
If you aspire to be in one of the top cleft positions in any organization as mentioned below, then Financial Modeling Course is your gateway.

  • Group Manager – Acquisitions
  • Manager – Financial Modeling & Audit
  • Project Manager – Financial Model Conversion
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Investment Partner
  • VP/AVP – Debt Markets Advisoryhttp://ibinstitute.in/financial-modelling-courses.php
  • Research Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Equity Research
  • Market Risk/Risk Management
  • Venture Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst

According to pay scale , if you have financial modeling as a skill then you can earn somewhere around 5-12 lakhs depending upon the position.

So, as you can see, a field or career that makes use of Financial Modeling is going to be of vast benefit to you. You will reap great rewards if you choose to opt for Financial Modeling course.
Be one step up of your peers in terms of your achievements, career, knowledge and other aspirations. Find out more about the benefits and applications of Financial Modeling by just following the link.

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